Stop account sharing with browser fingerprinting

FingerprintJS helps SaaS companies identify and prevent account sharing, providing a path to convert shared accounts into individual paid subscribers and increase total revenue.

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Use FingerprintJS for account sharing prevention to:

Increase revenue for your business

Account sharers already know the value of your service. By enforcing subscription limits via user identification, you can convert "free" account-sharing users to paying customers without negatively impacting the rest of your users' experience.

Increase security for your customers

Password sharing increases the likelihood of account takeover, and makes it more difficult for your team to identify real risks. By ensuring customers keep their accounts to themselves, you can improve account security for all users.

Account sharing prevention built for your business

Our team works with top SaaS providers to implement custom account sharing solutions with the customer experience in mind. With our highly accurate visitor identifier, we will work with your team to make sure your preferred customers' experience is unhindered, and users breaking their terms of service are caught.

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For when limiting sessions and IPs isn't enough

Mobile traffic, infrequent sign-ins and shared networks cause other account sharing prevention methods to fail. FingerprintJS provides an accurate ID for 99.5% of traffic, and can identify visitors where IP and session tracking can't.

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