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Keep your customers' accounts safe by accurately identifying threats before they cause damage. Powerful account fraud protection for any web application.

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FingerprintJS helps to identify malicious actors - whatever form they take

Credential Stuffing

Users that re-use passwords across multiple services are at risk of having their accounts accessed by fraudsters who purchased or hacked their account information from elsewhere. Catch these attempts by associating multiple login attempts from bot networks.

Phishing and identity theft

Social engineering is still one of the most reliable methods for fraudsters to access accounts. Require new visitors to provide additional authentication to stop phished accounts from being accessed easily.

Stop account takeover at the source

Account fraud can take many forms. Whether by brute force or individual actors testing purchased credentials, uniquely identifying your website visitors will provide the best defense against account takeovers. FingerprintJS seamlessly meshes into your tech stack to run in conjunction with existing authentication workflows, using our API and webhooks.

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Strong Account Protection means fewer chargebacks

Protecting your users' logins is the best way to mitigate chargebacks from fraudulent purchases without compromising on experience. Try FingerprintJS and see the difference that accurate user detection can make for your user's account security, merchant reputation, and more.

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FingerprintJS for account takeover protection

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