Gaming fraud prevention built for developer teams

Uniquely identify fraudulent players to prevent the most common forms of gaming and gambling fraud, including credential stuffing, cheating schemes, arbitrage, and more.

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Stop gaming fraud by adding fingerprinting to your tech stack

Fraud in online gaming can be challenging to prevent as players are highly incentivized to cheat. Accurate visitor identification empowers developer teams to identify and mitigate threats from the login screen to payment.

Eliminate account takeover attempts

Protect your loyal customers' accounts from thieves looking to sell their in-game wallets, inventories, or characters. Catch brute-force bot attacks and logins compromised through phishing or fake sites.

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Identify suspicious activity in all its forms

Catch accounts created via proxies and VPNs, arbitrage attempts, player collusion, multi-accounting, in-app purchase brokers, and more.

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Prevent gaming payment fraud

Avoid merchant penalties from chargebacks while only requiring additional authentication for suspicious players. Keep micro-transactions flowing while reducing payment fraud.

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Reduce manual checks

Having to manually screen purchases for signs of fraud isn't scalable. Supercharge your automated fraud fighting efforts with the most accurate fingerprinting technology available.

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Powerful fingerprinting prevents gaming fraud

Cheating in online gaming can ruin the fun for your ethical players, and can be notoriously difficult to stop. Prevent fraud at its source by creating a unique ID for your visitors, associating their activity across visits, incognito mode, and other cloaking methods. By understanding your visitors' browsing behavior, you can identify common patterns of fraud and require additional authentication as needed.

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Protect your players' accounts and your bottom-line with anti-fraud protection from login to payment.

Use FingerprintJS for your site's unique fraud needs. Our API and webhooks make it easy to build custom authentication workflows to stop common sources of fraud for gaming and gambling sites, including account takeover, promo and bonus abuse, card testing, and more.

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