Payment Fraud Prevention and Detection

Stop payment fraud in all its forms with accurate user identification. Use FingerprintJS to keep chargebacks to a minimum, protecting your bottom-line and seller reputation.

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Add FingerprintJS to your tech stack to protect your payments

Coupon and Promo Abuse

Ensure your promotions are used fairly and not repeated or stacked to remove all profit from your sales.

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Prevent fraudsters from using your site to test stolen credit cards through multiple small purchases.

Card Cracking

Stop malicious actors from testing combinations of expiry dates, postal codes, and CVVs with lists of purchased PANs. Make credit card payment fraud a problem of the past.

Friendly Fraud

Sometimes a real user will dispute payments even though they received a product or service. Flag these users easily to prevent future chargebacks.

Mobile payment fraud
Mobile Payment Fraud

FingerprintJS Pro works for all web applications including hybrid mobile apps. Flag suspicious customers making mobile purchases and prevent more chargebacks.

Stop chargebacks in their tracks

Any form of payment fraud can result in a chargeback for your website, which may result in lost revenue, stolen goods or services, and damage to your merchant reputation. No matter the cause, accurate user identification helps reduce this incredibly important indicator of fraudulent activity by authenticating or stopping at-risk purchases before they occur.

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Developer-friendly integrations

FingerprintJS' API and webhooks are designed to easily integrate with your existing website architecture and payment processing platform. Whether you have a Shopify store or a custom build, incorporate our highly accurate fingerprinting service wherever it is needed.

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