Secure your paywall solution with the #1 user identification API

FingerprintJS helps media companies, subscription services and content creators monetize more effectively. Catch visitors attempting to circumvent your paywall rules with our visitorIDs that remain stable through incognito browsing, clearing cookies, and more.

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What FingerprintJS can do for your paywall

Anonymous user identification

Every visitor to your website is assigned a permanent visitorID that can be used to identify visitors across browsing sessions and enforce your paywall limits.

Incognito mode detection

Catch even your sneakiest of visitors trying to evade paywalls through incognito or private browsing mode.


Capture detailed country, city, geoposition and timezone to better target and gate content to your visitors.

GDPR and CCPA compliant

FingerprintJS Pro is GDPR and CCPA compliant for use in fraud detection. For this use case, no visitor consent is required.

See our highly secure paywall in action

We have built a prototype of our paywall technology, available online for testing.

Visit the link below and try visiting 3 articles to trigger a paywall modal. Next, try to circumvent the paywall by browsing in incognito mode!

Try our live paywall demo

Easily integrate FingerprintJS with your paywall

FingerprintJS Pro can be incorporated into off-the-shelf or custom built paywalls. Whether you use a hard, metered or freemium paywall, incorporate our highly accurate visitorIDs into your workflows using our flexible API and webhooks. Design your perfect paywall and leave the world-class user identification to us.

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Install our Javascript snippet on your website and begin collecting unique VisitorIDs, geolocation data and more immediately. This information can then be incorporated into your paywall workflows using our API and webhooks.