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If you don't know how many identifications you need, use monthly user sessions

How many identifications per month do you need?
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Pay as you go, cancel any time
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Pricing Models

  • On-demand is a metered model, where we count your API calls and bill you accordingly every month.
  • The on-demand plan is recommended when you have a small and/or unpredictable volume and want to pay only for what you use every month. You can cancel at any time.
  • Our minimum paid plan is $100/month, which includes 100,000 identifications per month. Unused API calls are not carried over to the next month.
Monthly API Call
< 20K
20K - 100K
Flat fee of $100/month
> 100K
$1 per 1,000 API calls
  • You lock in your price for 1 year and get a 20% discount.
  • Unused API calls are carried over from month to month
An annual plan is recommended when you have a high and/or predictable volume and getting a significant discount for your usage is important.