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Increase approval rates and minimize fraud losses with high accuracy device identification.

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Minimize Fraud and Credit Loss

Successful BNPL companies rely on sophisticated fraud and credit risk models to make approval decisions while introducing as little friction as possible for the purchaser. FingerprintJS Pro's best-in-class accuracy, cross-merchant device identification makes it possible to identify significantly more returning visitors and shut down fraud with zero added friction.

Increase Approval Rates

Identify 99.5% of returning visitors with passive authentication, reducing friction for trusted customers. FingerprintJS Pro's visitorIDs remain stable for months, not days, making it possible to authenticate occasional purchasers with pinpoint accuracy.

Streamline Checkout and Onboarding

FingerprintJS Pro can be used to save customer preferences across separate merchant applications, allowing for enhanced “remember me” functionality. Link onboarding and transaction flows with high accuracy, reducing the likelihood of user impersonation.

Identification Accuracy on Every Platform

FingerprintJS Pro works for web, iOS and Android applications, as well as in third-party installations as part of a merchant's checkout flow. On every platform, FingerprintJS Pro outshines the competition with high accuracy, easy integration, and minimal impact on application performance.

Build your data lake with advanced device signals

Incorporate more than 100+ signals to your risk models for advanced fraud analysis:

  • ID confidence score
  • Individual device fingerprinting signals
  • IP and geolocation
  • Incognito mode detection

Free PDF: Preventing BNPL Fraud

Get an in-depth look at how to prevent fraud in this $100 billion industry with Fingerprint JS in our free PDF download.