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    Unique Features

    • Browser Fingerprinting
    • Geolocation
    • Anonymous User Identification
    • Incognito Mode Detection
    • API & Webhooks

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is FingerprintJS?
    FingerprintJS is a 99.5% accurate browser fingerprinting service used to uniquely identify visitors and associate sessions in order to identify fraudulent actors on your website. The technology works by analyzing data passed by the visitor's browser, device, patterns of use and more to generate a unique visitorID, which can be used to associate patterns of fraud with specific visitors.

    As opposed to enterprise-focused fraud prevention platforms, FingerprintJS was designed to solve digital fraud by empowering technical teams to build fraud prevention into their applications with our API, webhooks, and unparalleled identification accuracy.

    You can try FingerprintJS Pro with all features and no usage limits for 30 days. Simply sign up for our trial, install our Javascript snippet on your website, and begin collecting unique VisitorIDs, geolocation data and more immediately.
    How does FingerprintJS work?
    FingerprintJS is built with our open source browser fingerprinting library and made more accurate with additional identification measures, machine learning algorithms and a probability engine to generate 99.5% accurate visitorIDs for traffic to your website.

    Browser fingerprinting is the backbone of many major fraud detection solutions. Fingerprinting can identify unique visitors and associate sessions through incognito browsing, VPNs, cookie blockers and other technologies used to anonymize fraudulent actors online. The technology works by analyzing data passed by the visitor's browser, device, patterns of use and more to generate a unique fingerprint, which can be used to associate patterns of fraud.

    In addition to browser fingerprinting, FingerprintJS Pro's server-side API processes and analyzes vast amounts of data, searching for patterns and re-occurrences of fraudulent activity, and associates fingerprints that are likely the same user together under the visitorID identifier.
    Is FingerprintJS GDPR compliant?
    Yes - FingerprintJS is GDPR compliant.
    • Our technology is intended to be used for fraud detection only - for this use case, no user consent is required
    • Any use outside of fraud detection would need to comply with GDPR user consent rules
    • We never automatically track traffic - our customers can configure under what conditions visitors are tracked
    • We never do cross-domain tracking
    Which pricing plan is the best for me?
    FingerprintJS costs $100/month for the first 100,000 API calls, and $1 per 1,000 API calls after that. Please see our pricing page for full details.

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