Empowering developers to solve fraud at the source

As opposed to top-down, enterprise-focused fraud prevention platforms, FingerprintJS prevents digital fraud by uniquely and accurately identifying users, and empowering technical teams to use that data in a way that works for their applications.

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Why FingerprintJS is different

99.5% fingerprint accuracy
Unparalleled accuracy

FingerprintJS uses an innovative combination of browser fingerprinting, IP/URL analysis, device analysis, and machine learning to accurately identify up to 99.5% of unique visitors.

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Committed to open source

Our team is committed to democratizing fraud prevention by keeping our core fingerprinting libraries open-source and free.

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API and webhooks
Targeted authentication

Introducing unnecessary hurdles to account login and payment can be detrimental to user experience. Using our API, you can isolate malicious actors across browsing sessions, keeping your trusted customers' experience streamlined.

GDPR shield
GDPR and CCPA compliant

We take online privacy seriously. FingerprintJS is intended for fraud detection only - for this use case, no visitor consent is required for compliancy with GDPR and CCPA. We never automatically track traffic, and never do cross-domain tracking.

How FingerprintJS Pro works

The power of fingerprinting

Fingerprinting technology is the backbone of most major fraud detection solutions. Fingerprinting identifies unique visitors and associated sessions, undeterred by incognito browsing, VPNs, cookie blockers, and other technologies used to anonymize fraudulent actors online. The technology works by analyzing data passed by the visitor's browser, device, patterns of use, and more to generate a unique visitorID that can associate patterns of fraud with specific visitors.
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FingerprintJS Pro dashboard

Future-proof your anti-fraud strategy

As spoofing and cloaking technologies improve, so too must your solution to identify malicious uses before they can damage your business. Our service provides access to sophisticated identification techniques that work reliably even as browsers change their privacy settings and signals become restricted or added.
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Get FingerprintJS free and unlimited

Teams can try FingerprintJS free for 10 days. Install our Javascript snippet on your website and begin collecting unique visitorIDs, geolocation data and more. This information can then be fused into your authentication workflows easily using our API and webhooks.

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